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our goal is to restore maximum function lost as a result of an injury, illness or some other disability or condition, utilizing state-of-the-art treatment options from the disciplines of physical therapy rehabilitation and chiropractic.

Physical Medicine and rehabilitation is the diagnosis and treatment of nerve, muscle and bone injuries or illnesses that result in pain or affect how you move.

Our team of medical professionals will explain your condition and develop a treatment plan that will not only improve your present situation, but will also help you prevent future occurrences.


Each patient treatment begins with a comprehensive examination to focus on the underlying causes of your pain or dysfunction. Treatment is tailored to each patient, based on the most up-to-date evidence in the field of rehabilitation. Most of our treatments are focused on key manual therapy interventions with “hands-on-treatment” time by our clinicians.


At Elite Functional Rehab we understand that when you are in pain you want to get relief fast. With this in mind, we offer same day appointments to help get you on the road to recovery quickly. We also offer convenient appointment times with our first appointment at 7 am and our last appointment at 5 pm. There are also appointments available during lunch, to accommodate your busy schedule.



Kyle Kifer, DC
Kyle Kifer, DC

Dr. Kifer earned a B.S. in Biology from the University of Central Arkansas and graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College. He is licensed by the Arkansas State Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Dr. Kifer is trained in (SFMA) Selective Functional Movement Assessment and Certified by Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) as a medical professional. Training in SFMA and TPI allows Dr. Kifer to perform a golf-specific examination and customize a rehabilitative program to improve a golfer’s overall performance.



Joint mobilizations are a passive treatment of the joint to help decrease pain and/or increase joint mobility. Joints that prevent mobility often have varying degrees of directions limiting movement; Therefore, varying grades of joint mobilization are used by physical therapists, depending on the acuteness or chronicity of restriction, irritability of the joint, or type of joint dysfunction. Joint mobilization techniques focus on attaining a normal range of pain free joint motion. Nearly every restriction in movement can be regained by a specific joint mobilization technique.


Graston Technique – A soft tissue technique using stainless steel instruments designed to adapt to specific parts of the body, used to detect and release soft tissue adhesions.

Thoracic Joint Mobilization – Knowledge of common musculoskeletal referral patterns and release techniques to address dysfunctional motor units.


When used in conjunction with patient-specific manual therapies and exercise, modalities such as heat or ice, ultrasound, electric stimulation, etc., can reduce pain and speed recovery.


Rehabilitative Conditioning addresses strength, flexibility, and stability issues to facilitate return to previous levels of activity.

Therapeutic Exercise − A combination of supervised and home exercise designed to decrease pain and restore movement.

Lumbar Joint Mobilization – A clinician-assisted stretching technique that uses the concept of reciprocal inhibition to achieve gains in flexibility.


We offer custom orthotics for daily shoe use and running shoes, as well as customized Birkenstock sandals and clogs.






Each patient’s treatment begins with a comprehensive exam to focus on the underlying causes of pain/dysfunction.

Treatments are focused on key manual therapy interventions with “hands on” treatment time by our clinicians. These treatments may include:

Joint Mobilization
Trigger Point/Soft Tissue Treatment
Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN)
Therapeutic Exercise
Functional Rehabilitation
Active Isolated Stretching
Custom Orthotics

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

FMS is a screening for injury risk and assessing joint, tissue, mobility and stability dysfunction. All of our providers are FMS level I and level 2 certified.

This is beneficial for athletes or people of all ages as we can determine movement pattern dysfunction and make a personalized plan to help them improve movement and maximize performance.

Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

As physical therapists and chiropractors, our job is to get you moving. Whether you can’t pick up your grandchildren because your back hurts, you can’t run because your knee hurts, or you can’t throw because your shoulder hurts; the common theme is that something is going wrong when you move. The SFMA is utilized to identify specific movement limitations that cause you pain. The SFMA will determine if you have a joint mobility problem, tissue extensibility issue, or a stability/motor control dysfunction. Once we determine your dysfunction, we can then build the best protocol for you.

Book your screening TODAY with one of our FMS certified Physical Therapists


Maintaining accurate and comprehensive medical records is very important to your care. These forms (New Patient Forms and Return Patient Forms) can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on them.

The new patient forms are for all new patients to fill out and bring to the clinic upon their first visit.

The return patient forms are for any patient who has been seen in our clinic within the last three years.

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